I said I’d never do it, but I lied. I’m not a meme person, but since I share AJ with you guys, at least in spirit, I couldn’t NOT share this. Besides, it’s in the spirit of Mother’s Day…which was last week. A hat tip goes out to All & Sundry who ganked this from someone and passed it on to me. Funny, funny blogger and if you get a chance to swing over and say hi, please do.

Without further ado:

~Le Interview~

Me: “Hey, AJ, can we talk for a minute?”

AJ: “What? Hmm?”

Me: “I want to do an interview with you for my blog?”

AJ: “No.”

Me: “Please? They’re questions about me, not you?”

*He sticks his nose back into his Diary of a Wimpy Kid book again*

Me: “Please?”

Him: “I already said Yes!” (When did he say that?)

Me: “Are you ready?”

Him: “Uh-huh”

Me:  ”Can you stop reading for a minute?”

Him: “Why? It’ll keep me busy.”


The Questions:

What is something I always say to you? “I love you.”

What makes me sad? “Um, when I’m not around.”

How do I make you laugh? “I told you not to tell people online how you make me laugh.” (apparently these are State secrets)

What do you think I was like as a child? “Only eating bread.” “I only ate bread?” “Uh huh?” (What the heck?)

How old am I? “20-mrph” (He got it absolutely right!)

How tall am I? “I don’t know” Me: “Guess!” Him: “About 10 feet tall” (pretty close, I’d say!)

What is my favorite thing to do? “Spend time with me.” (right on the money)

What do I do when you’re not around? “Play the Wii.” Me: “Is that it?” Him: “Yep!”

If I become famous, what will it be for? “I do NOT know!”

What am I really good at? “Work.” Me: “Is that it?” Him: “mmm-hmm” (nose is still in Wimpy Kid and I’m about to trash that book)

What am I not really good at? “I can’t tell you because I don’t really know and that would make you sad. You know that.” (Little bugger is chock full of empathy now)

What is my job? “To make people, please don’t type when I talk, when they’re mad, to make people happy.” (fair approximation)

What is my favorite food? “Pah-sketti” (Not quite)

What makes you proud of me? “That you buy me stuff.” (Ugh)

What makes me proud of you? (He cannot stop laughing long enough to answer me, which probably does not bode well for me as a mother)

What do you and I do together? “Just go to the store.” Me: “That’s it?” Him: “Yeah”

How are we the same? “We both have a mouth.” (true dat)

How are you and I different? “I don’t wear glasses.”

How do you know that I love you? “Because you buy me a lot of stuff.” (well, then)

What is one thing you wish you could change about me? “Nothing!” Me: “you wouldn’t change anything about me?” Him: “No! Why?” (AWWWWWW!)

What do you wish you could go and do with me? “Make you buy video games.” (not in this lifetime, buddy)

Me: “We’re done! Thanks, AJ!”
Him: “Bye.” (nose back in book)
This child is SPOILED!