Ok, I get it. There were some seriously disappointed people after yesterday’s giveaway. Makeup is a pretty good gig and here in about a month, there will be more of it up for giveaway. One of the things I want to do with this blog is do more giveaways, even if they are smaller ones.

So, to help ease the disappointment and sting for those that did not win, I’m going to put up ANOTHER giveaway. Yeah, I can’t afford to keep these running ALL the time (unless you all want to hit the donations stuff on the right hand side of the screen or click on the ads more frequently), BUT I can do them more often when I have things to share.

Today, I have something that those of you that are addicted to office supplies, like me, will LOVE. It’s something from mytagalongs, which is a site I’ve spoken about here a couple of different times. These super-fantastic Sticky-notes-to-go are small enough to be carried in your purse and are excellent for work, your journal or your daily planner and I have ONE to give away to a lucky winner this week!
sticky notes

The theme this week is our dwindling blockbuster list. I need movie suggestions! Help a sister out!

1) Leave a comment before July 30, 2009 at 5pm CST telling me what movie we should add to our blockbuster list.

You can leave up to THREE movie comments. Yep, that’s three chances right there.

2) You can tweet this giveway and/or link it on facebook or your own blog for extra chances to win! Make sure you leave individual comments so all of your entries count. (That’s an extra 2 chances!)

Things to know:
**Anyone may enter as long as I can read your post (must be in English).
**Comments posted after the deadline won’t be included in the drawing.
**If you win, you must email me your mailing address within a week of the drawing end in order to receive your prize. I am not responsible for anything that happens once this stuff leaves my hands (like getting lost in the mail).
**I will be using a randomizer to choose the winner of the giveaway. As long as your answer fits the criteria, you are eligible (unless you are me, Leon or A.J.).

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